The staff are the people that keep the server running and moderate the chat.
If you have a problem on the server, then the staff are here to help you!


  • Xisuma
  • Docm77
  • Flip_Crafter


  • parkervcp
  • Maescool
  • koenmtb1
  • SpaceEmotion

Plugin Developers

  • olivervscreeper
  • TheITDude
  • CaLxCyMru
  • SonarBeserk
  • Autom3

Web Developers

  • olls95
  • grit96
  • mouseymars
  • the_jnx

Game Testers

  • jessetc

Community Leaders

  • ItsFozzy
  • Meridana
  • lolzafying
  • Eease


  • _Skypirate
  • NtotheG
  • QuitPLAY
  • _Rience


  • MrRedstoner
  • operationguard
  • holden1997
  • icybreeze96
  • metruzanca
  • harryk086
  • Ben_Andy
  • Anydal
  • The_PurpleSlime


  • fennoman
  • ImAnderZEL


Owners are the people who own and run The Respawn Network. Without them there would be no more Respawning!


An admin is one of the most important people of the Respawn Network. Without the dedicated admins we have, the heart of Respawn would stop beating!


Developers are individuals who have helped progress the server by creating plugins, websites and more for us to publish and allow all of you to experience!

Com. Leader

These chaps are in charge of running community projects and maintaining the showcases on the creative server. If you want to get involved in competitions or community projects, then talk to someone with a bright green name!


The Respawn network build team bring you new and exciting maps for you to play by yourself or with your friends!


Moderators are there to guide players who are in need. They keep the chat clean and kind for all players and help maintain a great environment!


Marketer's are an important part of the team. A marketer's draw more attention towards The Respawn Network and to help increase the Player Base.


This rank is reserved for players of special interest who contribute to the server and its community. This rank is given at the discretion of the server staff, not by request.


This donator rank is for players who have dug deep to help support the server. This rank comes with extra perks as well as all of the features of the premium rank.


This is the rank for players who have donated to receive extra perks and privileges when playing on the server.