Point Runner

What is it?

Point Runner is a game much like spleef only twice as fun and thrice as epic. Move around geometric fields of ores and run over as many as you can but you’d better run quick because blocks that you stand on soon disappear. Different ores are worth different values so strategy is key. Compete with your friends over the last few ores on a map and make sure not to miss a jump and wind up in the drink. The player with the highest point value at the end of the time limit emerges victorious. But beware, when you are the last player in the game you only have 30 seconds to rack up enough score to finish top!


Players spawn in specific places on the pointrunner map


At the end of the countdown, players may move freely around the map to try to step on as many ore blocks as possible.


Once a player has stepped on a block it will quickly disappear so players must remain in continuous motion so as to not fall through the map and die.


When a player dies they are converted to spectator mode and may watch the remainder of the game. Their point total cannot increase.


The player’s score will increase as they step on more and more ore blocks.


Each ore block is worth a different amount of points.


The game ends When either all the players have died or the time has run out.


The player with the greatest point total at the end of the game wins.