Gold Rush

What is it?

Gold Rush is a team oriented PvP game based around a few simple games mechanics. The objective of the game is to gather gold from the zombie pigmen in the middle of the map and deposit it in your teams dropper. There are also spawners around the map which drop XP which can be used at the shop to buy items, upgrades, and spells, work as a team to balance the act of obtaining gold as well as keeping your team strong and powerful, The fun doesn't end when the game is over; Gold rush has a built in leader-board and MPV system (coming soon), so you can fight for a place in the leader-board or do your best to become the weekly MVP!


Players spawn on teams at opposing sides of the map and must work together to win.


The first team to deposit 10 gold ingots into their teams dropper wins!

Get gold nuggets and occasionally other golden items from the pigmen located in the center of the map!


There are also XP spawners marked by emerald towers than you can use to buy upgrades in the shop. Note: you keep XP on death!


Use that XP you’ve been collecting to buy items, spells, buffs and short cut teleporters for you and your team.


Work as a team! Balance the fight for gold with gaining XP to grow strong, do too much of one and the other team may overrun you.