Sky Bridge Wars

What is it?

Sky Bridge Wars is a streamlined, new and improved version of the popular bed wars game “Rush”. In this version of the game each team begins in the mouth of a giant monster and must battle across the sky to reach the enemy monster in an attempt to bring it down and win the game. Players no longer need to trade currency to buy blocks and weapons because as you play you are now rewarded with building blocks which you can also trade for items and upgrades! Getting across to the other side may not be as simple as you think when a small army of suicidal players bears down on your position. This game forces players to work as a team and strategize in order to achieve victory.


Players are placed on a random team and spawn inside the mouth of their team’s monster.


At the end of the countdown players may move freely and begin to gain a steady amount of blocks over time.


Players may choose to build with their blocks or save them to spend on better blocks and gear at the shop.


When a player steps into the mouth of the opposing team’s monster they begin draining points from them and continue to do so until they are killed or the opposing team has no more points left.


A team wins when the opposing team has no points left.