What is it?

Havok is an all out PVP explosion with no end to the madness in sight! This game will have you running through the map trying to both kill and survive amidst the chaos and confusion that is Havok. Keep one eye on your hotbar as the game comes fully stocked with a variety of custom weapons that automatically (and randomly) change throughout the game. With a wide range of different maps and game modes, the mayhem of this game will never be played the same way twice. The player who reaches the chosen number of kills first gets crowned champion...well, until the next round that is.


Players start in spawn points placed throughout the map.


At the end of the countdown players may move freely about the map searching for other players to kill.


The item in the player’s hotbar represents which weapon they currently have. Each weapon has a different effect and rules associated with it.


The weapon in the player's hotbar will change randomly every few seconds (exact time depends on the gamemode).


When a player is killed they respawn at a random spawnpoint.


The first player to kill a certain number of opponents is the winner.