Slice Games

What is it?

SLICE GAMES is an epic, all new variant of Survival Games created by our very own Docm77. The players start in a circle around a large pile of chests and once the game starts must scour the map for useful items and gear found in chests placed throughout and as well as other players to kill. Eat glistering melons and kill your fellow players to exceed the normal health limit and make you truly over powered. When all but 3 competitors have been sliced out of the competition the remaining players are transported to a deathmatch arena where they must prove once and for all who is the champion among them. Come explore some truly epic maps that can be played many times over without learning all of their secrets in this kill or be killed world where there can be only ONE survivor!


Players begin in a circle surrounding a central area with a starter chests and enchanting table!


At the end of a countdown the game starts and players can either go towards the chests or immediately run away into the map.

Search & Destroy

Players must search the map for chests to get supplies and players to kill.


Killing players will heal your hearts, more than the normal health limit! The more you kill, the more hearts you are rewarded.

Glistering Melon

You can find glistering melon slices in chests! They give you half a heart that can go above the usual health limit.


If you are killed you get converted to spectator mode for the remainder of the game.


When there are 3 players left, they get teleported into the deathmatch arena where they must use the supplies they have been given to defeat the other two players.


The last player standing is the winner.