What is it?

Like jumping? Then this is the game for you! PARKOUR tests a player's finesse, observational skills, and willpower as they jump from platform to platform scooping up points as they go. As you collect more and more points throughout the maps your foot gear will get more and more epic so you can show off all your crazy parkour skills to your friends. But don’t worry about having to start over every time you log out because the game automatically saves both your position, and your score! Whether you’re a novice or a parkour veteran, this game has maps galore of all skill levels and styles, see if you can be the first to complete them all!


Players are free to explore a lobby or use the book to find all of the levels there are to play!

Map Rules

Players spawn in a room that explains the rules of the map and which blocks will give them which amount of points.

Jump Hunter

The players may then search the map for as long as they like and attempt to find all the points.


The player’s xp level indicates how many points they currently have on the map they are on. If they are in the lobby the xp level represents the combined progress of all levels.

Completion Percentage

The player’s experience bar shows what percentage of the points they have found on a particular map or if they are in the lobby, the total percentage of all the points in all the maps available.


As you play your boots will change! Collect them all and get shiny diamond boots to show off your skills!