1No Griefing

Griefing is not allowed, we want to have a creative, fun community!

2No hacking or cheating

Cheating and hacks are not allowed so everyone has the same fair chances in all games, but of course you may use no-cheat mods such as e.g. Optifine

3No swearing

We are a minor-friendly server, please don’t use swear words!

4English only in global chat

Please only type English in the global main chat, so we all can understand you! Of course you may use your native language in private messages with your friends!

5No inappropriate player names

As a minor-friendly server we cannot allow inappropriate player names (discriminatory, sexist, etc). Use renaming starting with MC 1.8!

6No advertising

Please don’t advertise yourself or other players or servers or communities and don’t post any other links in the chat either. This is not classy!

7No spam

Don’t spam in the chat, this is annoying for everyone and we’re here to have fun! If you have an urgent question, someone will get back to you as soon as possible!

8No exessive capitals

Don’t excessively use Caps, it is considered “yelling” and doesn’t look nice!

9Respect players

Don’t flame or troll people, please be nice to everyone!

10No obsessive following

Our VIPs, often YouTubers, have it very tough already. We love that you love them! But please don’t overly follow them, give them some space to breathe, they want to have fun, too!

11No asking for ranks

Do not ask for OP or other ranks or perks (unless bought), diamonds or items. If we think you would be a good addition to our team, then we’ll find you!

12Listen to staff

Listen to the staff and follow their instructions, they know about the server rules and want to make this a happy place for everyone! If you think they are wrong, use the forums [under construction] and the according thread to post a complaint.